Limited Liability stud "Malkinskiy" - is considered one of the most beautiful and historically important places of our republic. At the initiative of the President of Kabardino-Balkaria, AB Kanokov and the Russian State Duma deputy Anatoly beefs stud experiencing a "new birth." Thanks to the efforts of these caring people have been completely eliminated the effects of the crisis of 90-ies, which affected the full stud "Malkinskiy". the number of horses Kabardian breed was restored - a unique and priceless creation of our ancestors. Kabardian horses became not only national pride Kabardian people, but the whole of the North Caucasus and Russia. Created in 1870 even as "a hotbed of horses" Malkinskiy stud farm was originally designed to work with the famous Kabardian breed. Currently restored historical appearance Central Manor, restored the famous red and white stable, fully recovered material-technical base of the plant, re-equipped gorgeous Levada, Konushennaya refurbished premises. The reduced number of horses in the stud farm has more than 320 goals. Typical and become stallions and mares plant noted by many experts as the horse-breeding business of Russia and of Europe, which are frequent visitors economy. Simultaneously with the Kabardian breed stud farm plans to breed thoroughbred English horses. This should not prevent the development of Kabarda horse, as the British breed is "improver" for many horse breeds, and its moderate use can play a positive role.